The Running Clinic

No one can truly understand a runner like a runner. Here at Tadcaster Physio we understand that the needs of a runner require specialist knowledge and understanding and as a result we are pleased to offer a variety of specific services.
Our Lead Physio Dave Baxter  has a wealth of experience as a physio treating runners but also, more importantly perhaps, has a wealth of experience as a runner. Having come into running fairly late Dave has completed over 50 marathons, 15 runs over 50 miles and 2 100+ mile races. He has first place finishes in 5k, 10k, marathon, 40 miles, 50 miles and 24hrs. Preferring trails to roads Dave will usually be seen on the lanes around Saxton or the roads around York.

We have a number of specialist services to suit every runner and every situation

Standard Physio Service

Clearly we assess and treat any running related injury within our standard physio sessions. If you require and assessment and treatment for a regular running related injury then this is the session for you. Comprehensive subjective and objective assessment will be performed in order to get an accurate diagnosis with a specific attention to your needs as a runner.

Enhanced Runners Injury Session (90 mins)

This more in-depth session will take a deeper dive into some of the finer details about you as a runner. We will cover in more detail elements such as training load, running goals/races, previous injury patterns, etc. and go through a more enhanced plan to both get you back on track but also improve performance.

Gait Analysis (60 mins)

This specialist assessment will involve a detailed look at your running gait on the treadmill at a variety of paces as well as some relevant physiological and performance related assessment tools. We use motion capture video analysis to assess the various elements of your running style to see how this may impact on your injury risk and performance. (Please note that this session does not include a full physical assessment- please book for a STANDARD PHYSIO SERVICE or ENHANCED RUNNERS INJURY SESSION in the first instance if this is required.

Load Management and Training Plan Session (60 mins)

This session gets to the bare bones of it all. As most running related injuries can be traced back to training error this assessment unpacks what has gone before and builds what needs to be done going forwards. We consider your long and short term goals, time availability and current performance in constructing a plan to get back to running, reduce future injury risk and enhance performance. (Please note that this session does not include any physical assessment)