Ergonomics and workplace assessment services

Having worked in the field of Occupational Health and Ergonomics since 2008 Dave has conducted over 1500 workplace assessments ranging from standard DSE style reviews to highly complex ergonomics assessments involving extensive changes to working patterns, equipment and working areas. As a member of ACPOHE (association of Chartered Physio’s in Occupational Health and Ergonomics) Dave has completed a vast array of post-graduate qualifications and works as an Associate Assessor for some of the largest Occ Health providers in the country.

Within Tadcaster Physio we offer a number of specific services to help patients as well as local businesses keep safe and comfortable at work. The rise in working from home post-pandemic has sadly given rise to a new wave of work related aches and pains from incorrect equipment and poor set up which often flies under the radar of many employers. 

In-depth Ergonomic workplace assessments

These tailor made assessments include an in-depth interview followed by an assessment at the client’s workplace. Advice and alterations will be made during the assessment to maximise the current set up. If any additional equipment is required this will be outlined, makes and models will be specified. Discounts available from ergonomics suppliers.

This is aimed at the individual who wants to know what they can do to optimise their workstation and reduce work related pains. This option includes a short report outlining main findings and recommendations. Cost £100 (book here)

This session encompasses the same process and assessment but includes a detailed report outlining full reasoning and explanations. This option is more aimed at companies who wish to cover all of their responsibilities for their employees’ health and safety whilst also justifying any required financial outlay for equipment. (Cost £180  book here)

Occupational Health Physio service – onsite or at our clinic in Tadcaster

Whatever the size of your organisation you can save money by investing in your employees’ health.

Our Occupational Health Physio service can be as large or small as your business dictates, from ad-hoc assessments to on-site weekly clinics. Quick and easy access to physiotherapy will reduce both sickness absence and time taken for appointments.

We can also offer a remote triage service and update reports so that you know exactly how well your employees are progressing.