Paediatric Physiotherapy

Children can suffer from musculoskeletal issues just as adults can but the underlying reasons for these problems are generally different. Children are not just small adults from a musculoskeletal perspective.

Joint aches and pains can be related to factors including growth and activity. Many musculoskeletal issues causing pain or issues with activity can be treated effectively and quickly with physiotherapy. ‘Growing pains’ is often an umbrella term used for many different conditions that cause pain in growing children and adolescents.

Having a thorough assessment with a Specialist Paediatric Musculoskeletal physiotherapist can ensure an accurate diagnosis and safe and effective treatment plan. 

What We Treat

Anterior knee pain (pain (and clicking) at the front of the knee)

Hip pain

Back pain

Sever’s (heel pain)

Gait concerns

Snapping ITB


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