Pain in and around the hip, pelvis, buttock and groin area can be indicative of a number of conditions. Arthritis, Greater trochanteric pain syndrome, sportsman’s groin, adductor tendinopathies, hernias, labral tears, ischial bursitis, piriformis syndrome…..the list goes on. As ever the key to a good outcome is a good assessment coupled with appropriate rehab and treatment.

How we treat

At Tadcaster Physio we take the time to fully understand the problem. Taking a detailed history including medical background and importantly how it impacts on your day-to-day life. 

Our focus is to provide quality evidence based treatment techniques in clinic and then back this up with appropriate home-based exercise and tailored advice. We believe that a combination of traditional hands on techniques coupled with the correct approach day-in-day-out gives optimal results. 

How to get sorted

Simply CLICK HERE to make an appointment at out clinic in the heart of Tadcaster. If you have any questions please consult our FAQ page or email or call 01937 833976.

We look forward to getting you back to your best!