We tend to see the majority of our patients as a ‘first contact’ as it is quick and easy to arrange an appointment with us.

Loose fitting clothing is advised, shorts would be useful for lower limb problems and vest tops for neck / shoulder problems. It is likely that you will be require to remove some items of clothing to aid your assessment, if you would be uncomfortable with this or if you would prefer to see a male / female therapist please state this at time of booking.

We have both male and female therapists so if you have a preference please state this at time of booking.

We are registered with most major insurance companies. If you are using private medical insurance please inform us at time of booking as you may be required to obtain an authorisation number.

If your policy carries an excess it is likely that this is payable directly to the clinic. We can invoice you directly as required for the value of the excess.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer appointments within a maximum of 48 hours.

Yes, we offer a variety of evening appointments.

Prior to your appointment you will have completed an online registration form so that on your first visit your therapist will run through your relevant history, medical background and details of sports, exercise, hobbies and work. This will be followed by a thorough physical examination and then a discussion regarding the diagnosis. It is likely that the session will include some hands on treatment as well as a home based exercise programme.

We will allow an hour for the initial assessment, although you will be with us for slightly less than this to allow for note keeping and cleaning. Follow-up appointments are likely to take between 30 and 40 minutes.

List of medication taken or copies of any X-rays / scans may be useful.

No, no, no! Although all our therapists are skilled in the management and rehabilitation of sporting injuries, most of our patients do not present with sport related injuries. We are experienced in the assessment and treatment of all musculoskeletal problems, our patients have ranged from 3 years to almost 100! years old, from arthritic knees to lower back pain to headaches.

No, we find that our patients achieve better results through a combination of effective self management and manual therapy techniques. You will always be given advice and exercises to complete away from the clinic but those will complement the hands-on treatment given in your session.

Sessions are either 30 mins or 50 mins and are generally a lot more ‘passive’ and hands-on’. At your first appointment your therapist will run through a brief assessment to ascertain your goals for the session. The majority of the session will consist of a variety of sport massage, deep tissue massage and soft tissue release techniques. For more insight and self-management options we may suggest that you consult with one of our physio’s.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as cash but not cheques. We also have facility to take over the phone payments and bank transfers/PayPal. Payment will normally be taken at the end of each session. Please let us know if you require a receipt specifically for insurance or health plan purposes.

We appreciate that some people may not be able to get to clinic. Home visits can be arranged and we do have a Physio assistant Service for more prolonged home based rehab needs. Please contact the clinic for more information. We charge mileage at 55p/mile in addition to the session cost.