Physio Led Bike fitting

Bike Fitting

A Cycloform Assessment will produce a dynamic accommodative bike fit. Why is this important? A detailed understanding of human performance and the physics of cycling will allow passionate cyclists to reach optimum performance and consequently, maximum enjoyment of the sport. This notion is as important to the Elite level racer as it is to the casual cafe rider.

The process of Bike Fitting seeks to optimise the bespoke needs of an individual, based upon their own requirements for comfort, power and aerodynamics. Cycloform uses Dartfish Image Capture software to analyse movement and positioning, but moreover, we draw on extensive experience in human movement, strength and conditioning and injury management.

Historically, Bike Fitting has been the domain of bike experts, who understand the equipment. Here at Cycloform we pride ourselves in being experts in the person – have you ever heard a bike complaining after a hard ride?